REVIEW: Bianca Del Rio (RuPauls Drag Race Winner) Live at The Hi Fi Sydney

“Not Today Satan, Not Today”


Bianca Del Rio (a.k.a Roy Haylock) was the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6, in a season where the top 3 couldn’t be closer and yet so diverse, Bianca reigned supreme and took out the $100,000 prize money and title of America’s Next Drag Superstar…And a superstar she is, selling out 10 headlining shows across Australia.

On Drag Race Bianca Del Rio made an immediate impression, this queen was smart, quick witted and fearless, from the first episode she was one of my favourites and I knew she would be in the top 3. Not only an amazing performer Bianca was an amazing person on the show, helping fellow competitors like Adore Delano (with cinching and sewing) and Trinity K. Bonet with self confidence.


Not one to hide her feelings Bianca gave us some great quotes this season and also gave amazing facial expressions when others were talking crap, and they made for the best GIF’s.






Bianca’s show at the Hi Fi in Sydney on Saturday 13th of September showed how she has just the right amount of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent that won her Drag Race. The show opened with a montage of Bianca’s greatest moments from Drag Race and then when she came on stage the applause went on and on.

She made some jokes about Adelaide and Courtney Act to begin with that went over extremely well, Australian’s always like to laugh at other Australians. The main part of the show had Bianca bringing 4 people up on stage to lip-synch (straight girl, asian, lesbian and a gay guy), one of the participants was more or less off their face and Bianca handled him extremely well. Of course these people were ‘read to filth’ by Bianca when up on stage, but she does it in a way where you can’t help but laugh, because she will make fun of herself first and she’s just so damn quick and smart. Also it’s a comedy show! Only once was there an “ohhh” from the audience after a joke and Bianca was quick to remind the audience we were watching a man in a dress do comedy. She had the audience in the palm of her hand for the entire show.

There was a quick Q&A with Bianca with the nights hosts, Chelsea Bun and Candice Box, where she talked about some of her favourite Drag Queens from last season. Then it was over, it went so quickly, here’s hoping like Adore Delano, Bianca will come back to Australia with her full show The Rolodex of Hate Tour, I definitely would love to see a full long show from Bianca.


Next was the Meet and Greet which although was quite quick (in order to keep the long line moving) it was still great. There’s another reason Bianca Del Rio is so successful and it’s because she is a genuinely nice person, she was even kind enough to side eye me in my photo. She seems genuinely happy to be meeting all her fans around the world, when I said thank you for coming to Australia, she said no thank you for having me. Also a side note in person she has amazing legs and the makeup and hair is incredible!

In addition to her busy touring schedule Bianca is also working on a feature film called Hurricane Bianca, if you want more info go to the movies website.

Hurricane Bianca Website

For all of her tour dates and merchandise go to Bianca Del Rio’s website. Bianca Del Rio

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