REVIEW: Adore Delano at The HiFi Sydney 6th March

“I will wear a fucking crop top on stage” – Adore Delano

And she did… Adore Delano was back in Sydney at the HiFi as part of her Australian Tour this time performing a full concert for her album Till Death Do Us Party.

Adore Delano Australian Tour

This will be a review/gush about the show because let’s be honest I freakin love Adore Delano and when you see her live you witness that passion and talent that made her top 3 and fan favourite on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Last time Adore Delano came out it was part of the InTheDark event nights, which let’s be honest, even though Adore was incredible last time I saw her, this queen is made for having a full punk rock concert event. So I was thrilled when it was announced that she was coming back to Oz with a full band and was performing at the HiFi. Although I wish it was at The Metro, I think that would have suited Adore better, it’s just a bit grungier and intimate than the multilevel HiFi.

But anyway to the night…

The meet and greets were before the show this time (better so you aren’t as messy looking) and as always Adore is so giving and engaged with each person that goes up for their limited time. Adore has been touring nonstop and is obviously tired, but when she meets her fans she is able to somehow draw on some extra energy and make each person feel special and give a killer pose for the photo. I was in the bathrooms and could hear people gushing over how nice and gorgeous she is and that they were totally starstruck. I’m waiting to see what my photo will be like, when you stand next to Adore you get a little blown away by her beauty, that mug is always beat to perfection it’s almost hypnotic up close, and don’t get me started on her contacts.

The show started with the first single DTF, and a part from her mic not being on for the first few lines Adore and her band came out and gave it 110%. She did most of the songs from her debut album Till Death Do Us Party and also some covers. Including an emotionally charged, beautiful performance of Hole’s Dying, Prince’s Purple Rain (which really shows off Adore’s vocal talent) and lastly she spit some ill shit with a mash up of Lil Kim, Iggy Azalea’s Beatdown and Nicki Minaj’s Superbass.

The reason Adore Delano will continue having a career even after all the new Drag Race season 7 girls start touring isn’t just because she is super talented and works really really hard. This queen has super devoted fans who love her and her style of drag and she gives them the love straight back.

No other queen could come out uncinched with a cut up Black Sabbath shirt, untucked in fishnets and a thong and look as amazing as Adore. This queen has god given style and charisma, she could come out in a paper sack and look incredible (and people would probably try to emulate it after). During the set her tights ripped at the back and she just ripped it to make her ass stick out, and it was amazing, she doesn’t give a shit (but yet takes her shit seriously). This very Lady Gaga like attitude of be who you are and don’t conform to what people tell you is what makes Adore so endearing to fans. She came out in her crop top because people through social media (which is the worst) told her to cinch and loose weight. This idea of self acceptance and pride can be felt through the crowd, with all the misfits cheering as she told these people to fuck off.

Adore Body Adore out of drag, showing body confidence.

What was also great to see last night was Bianca Del Rio and Courtney Act there supporting their season 6 sister. I was standing right next to their roped off area and they were cheering, dancing through all the songs and laughing at Adore’s banter with the crowd. During I Adore You, Adore gave a call out to Bianca and Courtney saying how much she adores them. It truly highlighted how amazing and special the top 3 was for season 6. It was also so hard not to take a photo or a video of them dancing (and they broke into Jazz dancing at one point) because they were right next to me, but I’m not one to bother a queen on her night off.

Also during I Adore You the audience knew every single word and you could see Adore was super flattered and touched by this, even miming a tear running down her cheek.

So again Adore killed it on her first Australian Concert Tour. So now we just have to wait out for the new album which will hopefully bring around another tour. Let me end with a video featuring what should be labelled as #DatAss.

Adore gives no fucks

Until next time you fabulous Queen!


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