REVIEW – Bianca Del Rio Rolodex of Hate Comedy Special Sydney Theatre FEB 27 featuring Courtney Act

Anyone can be a bitch, but you got to be smart to be a cunt – Bianca Del Rio.

Ok this review is a week late, but I wanted to write it anyway to celebrate this talented queen, who is still in the country for Mardi Gras. Bianca Del Rio rolodex Last time Bianca Del Rio came to Sydney she sold out the HiFI in Moore Park and did a second show at Arq, and those shows left me wanting more from this hilarious and talented queen. So I was so excited when she announced that she was bringing her full Rolodex of Hate Tour to Australia. Another reason I was excited was because this show did not have the usual touring company bringing her out (girl played it smart and cut out the middle man), instead she was going to be at the great Sydney Theatre which has great views no matter where you sit, and is in a beautiful part of Sydney.

I went to the second 9:30pm show, because Bianca is so popular she can sell out 2 shows in a night, and always the ultimate professional she started bang on time. There was a reason I chose not to sit in the front row because Bianca read the shit out of one of the girls in the front row. But Bianca is so smart and lands her jokes so well there is no sense of meanness that comes through, she is one of a kind truly. If people did ‘Ohhh” a joke she was quick to say shut up “you are watching a man in a wig telling jokes on a friday night” and get out if you don’t have a sense of humour. All very valid points.

The show takes you through Bianca’s life (a rolodex of her life if you will) which starts with a very cute and funny video of his upbringing. He talks about his mum, sisters, a lot about his uncle, drag race and pokes fun at himself. Cause if you can’t laugh at yourself how can you laugh at anyone else. My favourite part in particular was Bianca going through how various drugs just didn’t work for her, and how she woke up with a friend in a bath once and he asked, are you going to drive this bus? Don’t do drugs kids.

Another beautiful moment was when Bianca brought out Courtney Act and gave a great speech about how amazing Courtney is. Because let’s be honest Australians are pretty hard on Courtney, I feel like it is the Australian way to be hard on people who start to be successful overseas. Courtney sounded amazing live singing Send In The Clowns sitting with Bianca on the front of the stage. It was a lovely and funny moment, especially when they had to stand up again. Courtney accomplished this by basically rolling to stand up.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA! #rolodextour #rolodexofhate @courtneyact

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The show ended with Bianca answering questions from the crowd with most people not answering up to the questions they’ve written. Really queen? If you write a dumb question you know she will call you out so just go with it. The show went by so quickly, my cheeks were sore from laughing and it was the perfect Friday night out after a long week at work. Bianca Del Rio is a super talented, smart, professional and funny queen, I was sad that I didn’t get a meet and greet this time but I’m sure it would have been amazing. I can’t wait for her to come back again. Don’t forget you can catch Bianca Del Rio at Mardi Gras in Sydney tonight (MAR 7) on the Air BNB Float. Come back soon you amazing bitch. tumblr_n2adkorso31s1y3rgo1_500


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