REVIEW: Katya & Trixie Mattel – Live in Sydney 7/11/15 (RuPaul’s Drag Race)

Katya & Trixie Mattel Finally Make it to Oz.


Life in Plastic that’s 80% Sexy 20% Disgusting.

The best queens to come out of season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race finally made it to Australia, fan favourite Katya & eliminated too soon Trixie Mattel.

After some issues with not having working visas the first time around they finally made it back to Australia for their rescheduled dates. The crowd obviously didn’t mind waiting because the event was sold out, the venue packed out and the meet and greet line super long.


Let’s start with meet & greet, I have yet to have a meet and greet that went badly, and these 2 are no exception to that. They were both extremely lovely, made some great poses for people, happily took selfies, graciously accepted gifts and chatted to people. One of the most entertaining parts of the meet & greets was just watching them lip synch and dance to whatever song was playing while waiting for the next person to come up. It was an indication of the great performance we were about to get from both queens and how truly charismatic they both are.

Outfit and wig change time, then showtime. First up Trixie Mattel who was shockingly eliminated early in season 7, only to thankfully be brought back later in the season. It was such a shame that Trixie’s elimination made her miss out some great challenges, in particular snatch game, which was honestly one of the most disappointing snatch games in the show’s history.

Trixie came out and performed “Don’t Touch My Hair Ho” by Brooke Candy intercut with scenes from Precious. I’ve seen Trixie perform this song online and was excited when the track started. She is an amazing and entertaining lip syncher, lots of fun to watch. It was over so quickly, too quickly, next onto stage Katya.

Katya’s blend of 80% sexy and 20% disgusting is the perfect ratio for her performances, she looks absolutely beautiful, but also a little dirty and it is perfection and amazing. Katya was my favourite queen from Season 7 who I believed deserved to win. She was the most entertaining, the funniest and sweetest queen on that show. She performed a great Britney medley (who doesn’t love a Britney Mash Up?) complete with gyrating, hair flipping and a jump split, what more could you want? The perfect ending as well when she pulled down the dodgy shiny curtain at the back of the stage. She literally tore the place down.


They both came onstage with host for the night Hannah Conda to answer some questions from the crowd. They play really well off each other, both hilarious and Trixie’s quick wit is great to watch. Questions about season 7 of Drag Race were brought up and the responses were fair and funny, cause you could really go in on that season if you wanted too.

Costume change! After 30 minutes and a wonderful performance by Hannah Conda they came back out in matching outfits to perform some ABBA. Very Australian appropriate, very sweet. Followed by more banter, Trixie said what basically everyone was thinking that Katya should have won season 7, but it doesn’t matter if you got the crown, it’s about how the audience responds to you. Which couldn’t be more true, the queen’s with the loyal fan base are the ones you see constantly on tour around the world.

Trixie also made a very true and important point to the audience “do you like drag race?” Yes! “Well go support your local queens, it’s like saying you like music and only watch American Idol.” Then that was it, 2 solo performances and one group performance and it was finished, I really wanted to see more from these talented queens.


Which brings me to how the touring company could improve these shows. One solo song each, Q&A, a group number and the show was wrapped up. People want to see these queens perform more when they come all the way out here, they are incredible performers and the show feels so short. It’s also a great opportunity to get local queens to perform when they go and do a costume change that usually takes 30 minutes. Hannah Conda performed but that was right before they came back on, and let’s be honest you can always see the crowd at these shows impatiently waiting for the performance to start or start back. Having a DJ doesn’t do anything to entertain people in between. It’s time to utilise some of the great queens Sydney has, and the new queens that are starting out and put on a show.

Also let’s change up the venue from always being at Arq. Oxford Art Factory was a fantastic venue, Midnight Shift also good.

Trixie and Katya were my favourite queens from season 7 and they are the only queens I wanted to see live from it, so I’m glad they toured together. They are amazing performers, the fans support will keep them touring for a long time and let’s be honest they are probably the true winners of Drag Race Season 7.

tanwithyou Trixie Katya


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